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Providing Products and Services

Our Products

We are selling cloud service system that our parent company is developing in Japan, as a distributor of Myanmar.

We are offering cloud service system developed by GiG Works x IT Inc. as a distributor of Myanmar and providing it. We will provide services that match the needs of Myanmar in sequence, such as "Gokigen Monitor" to record personal computer operations.


◆ Record PC operations with video

It is a cloud service that allows you to record daily computer operations with videos.

You can keep track of when, who, what kind of operation was performed on which computer, and the record of computer operation so far. (Deterrence of information leakage)

◆ Understand the usage status of the applications

You can see what application is being used.

You can also play videos during the time zone using the application, so you can see the actual computer operation.

Our Services

The corporate site is a "corporate face" can also be said.

We will propose site creation that responds to customer's needs by utilizing the know-how we have cultivated and the latest trends.

We will also provide operation and maintenance of the corporate site (security measures, SEO measures, log analysis etc.) so please contact us.